• Event: City2Surf 2018
  • For: PRaMM Research at Kolling Institute

Every parent looks forward to celebrating the birth of a healthy baby. However, sadly for Jasmin and Peter in May 2018, this was not to be the case. Due to a complication in their pregnancy, they lost their Patrick.

They were surprised to learn that one to two babies in every hundred are lost due to various complications. Inspired to change the odds, they decided to raise money in honour of Patrick and donate this to the PRaMM research team at the Kolling Institute to find reasons for the causes of these complications and allow more babes to be born healthy.

 Jasmin and Peter together with friends and family, participated in the City 2 Surf and raised an amazing $14,000. The money raised will support PRaMM’s research to improve the health outcomes for mothers and their babies.

Thank you to Jasmin & Peter and all of those who supported Running for Patrick, to create a wonderful legacy in Patrick’s honour.

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