• Event: Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2016
  • For: Intensive Care Unit at RNSH

Just over five years ago, Craig was a patient in the ICU at Royal North Shore Hospital. He came to ICU with an acute infection and was placed in an induced coma. Like many of the families our ICU support, Claire, Craig’s wife, who was eight weeks pregnant at the time, spent a week in torment, waiting to see if her baby’s father would survive.

Craig was in hospital for the best part of a month and when he came out of the coma he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t sit up and he couldn’t feed myself.
Craig was amazed at the fantastic work the staff provided, not only dealing with him whilst he was incredibly sick but also as he regained his health and by how they provided comfort to his family in a very difficult time.
‘The care I received and what the ICU teams provided, is something my family and I will never forget.  It will long live in our memories how supportive and professional everyone was and I would like to thank them very much because it’s a fantastic job that they do.’

Once Craig was back to full fitness, he wanted to prove to himself that he wasn’t getting better, but that he was better and to show himself that this ordeal was very much in the past. So, he set himself a personal challenge to run the Sydney Marathon. It was something he had never done before and saw it as a great opportunity to be able to raise money for a cause close to his heart, the RNSH ICU.

Craig completed the marathon and raised an amazing $4,800. He said that, aside from getting married and having children, it was one of the happiest moments of his life, knowing that he had got through it and knowing that he had raised money that would go on to help people who were going through something like the experience he and his family had been through, this was very special to him.

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