Kolling Institute of Medical Research works with our hospitals to ensure that the majority of research undertaken is translational in focus so it directly impacts our patients.

The Kolling Institute has a dedicated lab on the RNSH site but also works with hospitals across the Northern Sydney Local Health District to ensure best possible outcomes for patients and their loved ones. The Kolling Institute is dedicated to research some of our worst chronic illnesses including Cancer, Diabetes, Renal, Bones & Joints, Perinatal and Ageing related diseases.

Donations to the Kolling Institute will have a direct impact on the patients we help. The gifts we receive enable us to make discoveries that deliver constant innovation across all aspects of healthcare, from birth to death.

You can choose the area of research your donation will support, whether it is the area of most need or one that you would like to make a gift to because it holds special significance to you or a loved one.

We accept donations by credit card, cheque, money order or cash.
To make a donation online click the button below.

Other ways to donate:
Mail your donation to:

Kolling Foundation
PO Box 4191
Royal North Shore Hospital LPO

Call us on: (02) 9436 0610

Donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible and we will send you a receipt for this purpose. Unspecified donations will be directed to the area of most need at the discretion of Kolling Institute of Medical Research.